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Health Helpline for Govts.
Telemedicine for Corporates
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Telemedicine for Corporates

   We offer telemedicine solutions for corporate through state of the art kiosks.

The kiosks provide integrated audio and video communication channel with medical specialists situated at a distant facility. Patients can consult with general practitioner doctors and specialists and the doctors can provide diagnosis and prescribe the required treatment all through the kiosk based video screen and interactive menu. The purpose of these kiosks is to offer faster, efficient and cost effective first point of contact health solution to workplaces, communities, etc. The kiosks can be further integrated with digital medical devices to provide real time health parameters to facilitate advanced medical consultation.

The kiosks have been piloted at a few residential communities and corporate offices and expected to offer a simpler solution to primary or acute health conditions. The solution is particularly beneficial to by companies with employees at remote work locations and residents of communities.


Focus Areas
»  Tele-General Practitioner
»  Tele-Radiology
»  Tele-Dermatology
»  Tele-Cardiology
»  Tele-Psychiatry
»  Tele-Blood
»  Tele-Labs
»  Tele-ENT

Health Care Solutions
»  Health Helpline for Governments
»  Telemedicine for Corporates
»  Healthcare Analytics
»  Primary Health Care Solutions
»  Emergency System

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