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Health Care Analytics

We have implemented health care analytics solutions for a few large healthcare service providers. Healthcare Analytics makes extensive use of data, statistical and qualitative analysis, explanatory and predictive modelling to drive medical decision making. Opportunities for the secondary use of routinely collected data for research purposes have increased enormously in recent years due to the wide uptake and advances in technology; for example, electronic health records (EHR). The continued expansion of large databases of patient records, often linked to other sources of data, has greatly enhanced the possibilities for using these records for health services and clinical research.

Our solutions evaluate large population data sets (i.e. records of patients in a large medical system) to supplement disease management or population health management efforts or make predictive analysis of disease and medical conditions


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»  Tele-General Practitioner
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Health Care Solutions
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»  Telemedicine for Corporates
»  Healthcare Analytics
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