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As primary healthcare is increasingly being made available to all sections of society, especially the rural population; there is a challenge to provide cost efficient, integrated and high quality healthcare. ZOLT provides software applications/software related services for the transfer of medical information and real-time use in diagnosis, treatment and education across distances.

The strategy for transforming healthcare lies in IT innovation that should include access to complete patient information and incorporating advanced clinical knowledge into clinical decision making.


Focus Areas
»  Tele-General Practitioner
»  Tele-Radiology
»  Tele-Dermatology
»  Tele-Cardiology
»  Tele-Psychiatry
»  Tele-Blood
»  Tele-Labs
»  Tele-ENT

Health Care Solutions
»  Health Helpline for Governments
»  Telemedicine for Corporates
»  Health Care Analytics
»  Primary Health Care Solutions

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