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Welcome to ZOLT

Founded in 2009, ZOLT's mission is to transform healthcare globally by developing health care delivery systems that improve accessibility, availability, affordability and quality of care while eliminating unnecessary costs. Simply stated, our vision is "Healthcare for all."

ZOLT's Telemedicine platform integrates solutions like Remote Health kiosks, clinics, labs, medical devices and Electronic Health Records to dynamically collaborateand provide real time or store-and-forward data to healthcare professionals. ZOLT partners with medical groups, healthcare enterprises and government agencies in the India and abroad, which has led to the company's unparalleled expertise in designing sustainable, integrated connected health programs.

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Focus Areas
»  Tele-General Practitioner
»  Tele-Radiology
»  Tele-Dermatology
»  Tele-Cardiology
»  Tele-Psychiatry
»  Tele-Blood
»  Tele-Labs
»  Tele-ENT

Health Care Solutions
»  Health Helpline for Governments
»  Telemedicine for Corporates
»  Health Care Analytics
»  Primary Health Care Solutions
»  Emergency Systems